Can WildStar take the World of Warcraft

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Wildstar Guides, Wildstar News
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You may know so much about Wildstar now, but not many of you also know that the team behind WildStar, Carbine Studios, was actually formed by a 20-man team of ex-Blizzard developers who all used to work on World of Warcraft — and their direct mission, according to executive producer Jeremy Gaffney, was “to take (World of Warcraft) but do it right this time”.

wildstar raids

In an interview with CVG, Gaffney claimed that after seven years of working on World of Warcraft, the team divided into two broad camps. “One of which was, ‘Ok, we’re done with WoW, we know what we did right and what we did wrong, and we really want to tweak it and do WoW but better.’ Then the other group said, ‘No, we want to do anything but WoW. We want to get as far from the WoW space as we can.’ And you can see both of those visions show up.”

One of the key things that WildStar is trying to do better than WoW involves the return of the 40-man raid.

“It’s things like bringing back a lot of what was popular in vanilla WoW but has been abandoned since then,” said Gaffney. “Taking 20-man, 40-man raids, but combining that with the crazy combat system so it’s more dynamic and more movement based and actually about playing the game in real time.”


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