Walatiki Temple Battleground is one of Wildstar PvP Guide

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Wildstar Guides, Wildstar News
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Many players love PvP and for a lot. WildStar has pretty chaotic PvP, mostly due to the telegraph system, but it’s fun, it is the only thing they do in MMOs. Though I like PvE more, there is something satisfying about beating a human player and winning in non-scripted games.

Things are confusing at first if you don’t know what going on in a battleground, but I’m here to explain everything to you. Need to know the mechanics? Well, cupcake, I’ll explain them to you! Follow this guide and you’ll be hardcore in no time!

Disclaimer: Everything we’re doing is during open beta, so some things could change at or after launch. We’ll be sure to update constantly to keep up with the current state of the game.

This guide will cover everything about the Walatiki Battleground including:
Walatiki Mechanics – The object of the game and how to win.
Battle Tips – Tips on attacking and defending in this battleground.

Walatiki Mechanics

The object of the game is to capture five moodie masks. They appear in the middle at the bottom of the map. See below picture for details.

Wildstar PvP Guide

You have to take the mask back to your base to capture it. Similar to capture the flag except you can capture even if the other team is taking a mask.
Players can steal masks from enemy bases. If someone takes a mask from your base, you can still take one from their base. Only one mask can be taken from each base at a time.
You move slower and cannot dash while holding a mask, so be careful.
When one side collects five masks, they win and the battle is over.
Battle Tips

Wildstar PvP Guide
Attacking and defending is very important in this game. I’ve seen bases empty so many times.


When a player takes a mask, you can kill them and drop the mask, then you stand next to it with no enemies around until it returns to your base
Even though can kill them, it takes time to return the mask. That’s time you could spend getting more masks or defending the carrier. Plus, good teams will defend their carrier or stop you from returning your mask. It is best to stop them from taking it in the first place.


If you have enough stalkers, keep one or two at the base in stealth mode. If you want to catch the team off guard, put a non-stealth player to defend as well. The enemy thinks only one is guarding, then they get ambushed. This of course changes depending on how the battle goes.
If you have enough healers, keep one at the base. This is especially important if you have a lot of masks. Stopping the enemy from taking your masks helps just as much as attacking because it keeps your score from lowering.
Don’t let the enemy get to mid field with the mask. It is a lot harder to return it when they make it that far.

Wildstar PvP Guide

Don’t be a hero. Bring help when taking a mask. You don’t need to always go in their base with people, but make sure help is close enough when you start getting attacked.
Stalkers are good for sneaking in and taking the mask. If you have enough on your team, send one or two to take it.
Healers are your friends! Carriers are very vulnerable so having helpers to keep them alive will make sure you get the capture.
Please don’t sit in the middle attacking. This is about the least helpful thing you can do. Fight at one of the bases, fight at a mask, protect someone carrying a mask, or attack players taking them. Just don’t fight away from everything because it doesn’t help anyone.


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